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Filling machines are the core of bottling systems. They are used to fill bottles with various liquids (also at high viscosity). They are easy to use and need little maintenance. There are many types of machines relevant to the product or the container : manual, semi automatic or automatic filling machines.

Filling Machines - Mast srl


One piece /line machine have been studied for the customers that use many containers (PET and cans, round or square). It is made up by two points : the fillling and the capping spot. We use a modern filling system that check the mass giving stability and high precision on weighs and shortening the time of mpdel/size change. Through the touch screen we can enter many receipts. The number of the distributors change upon the required production and the product density : the machine can fill 250 ml containers up to 5 liter containers. The capping machine has a cap sorting, a drop system and a capping head. This type of machine fits filling of food and non food fluids (oil, vinegar, liquors etc.)

One piece machines- Mast srl


They are automatic systems that link the filling machines to the blowing, rinsing machines and capping machines. They allow to link and automate the blowing and rinsing process, filling and capping. They are customer friendly and they take less room than three different machines.

Three-piece Machines - Mast srl


They take care of the last passage on the bottles after the filling we put a cap to stock or move them.
We have many different machines that change after the type of cap and the container – they can be manual semi or automatic handled.

Capping machines - Mast srl


They link the different lines to the collector and stocking tables – they move the goods from one machine to the other. There are different types (bands and rollers) fitting the needs of the customers (linear or bent bands) – we make designs for each system.

Conveyor belts - Mast srl


They allow the automatic transport of the cap to the cap sorting. The caps drop in a container of different sizes as per the carrying capacity.
They are made stainless steel, the container is on a base with two wheeled feet. The elevators are in a basin with a cover and they are led into the capping machine through a conveyor belt made of non abrasive rubber. They have electric control panel with a high quality photoelectric cell. Sono dotati di un quadro elettrico di comando con fotocellula/tastatore di massimo livello.

Cap Elevator - Mast srl


Theese mavchines choose caps – their system is vibration or rotation mode : in the first case the levator is not necessary – in the second case the system needs the elevator. A detector check the quantity of caps that is sent to the exit through an air jet. The sense of direction and the speed can be regulated. Upon layout of the line we can supply the customer with the perfect combination of distribution and closing system.

Sorting cap - Mast srl


These machines allow to clean bottles before being filled. They use an air jet, a water jet or hygiene products.They do a double work (liquid or air jet) – the choice between the two depends on the product to fill. Bottles enter into the machine through a belt conveyor and kept by the neck – 180 °rotated and rinsed with a rinsing liquid through a tube. Bottles are then ready for the next passage – these machines can be automatic, semi or manual.

Blowing and rinsing machines - Mast srl


General renewal of the machines both internally and externally. It’s a style as well as a mechanical change, if necessary It’s a total revision of the professional machines – starting with a dismantling and checking of alla components, we continue with components’ maintenance to give the machine a level of performance similar to a new one.

Revamping - Mast srl


MAST has the opportunity to cooperate with other companies in the same field to find better solutions and implement systems such as labelling machines and capping machines. Thanks to our experience and contacts we aim to satisfy the customers with flexible solutions.

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