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Supply of material, componenents and sapre parts MAST responds to customers’ needs for the supply of material, components and spare parts necessary to their bottling systems. Our logistics can supply spare parts and components granting a quick delivery and efficiently managing different urgent issues. Our group is trained to find a solution to all customers’ needs evaluationg both technical and marketing aspects. In base alle necessità, la nostra logistica può provvedere alla fornitura di pezzi di ricambio e componentistica, cercando di garantire un approvvigionamento quanto più rapido possibile, gestendo con efficienza urgenze ed emergenze varie ed eventuali. Il nostro team è preparato e predisposto ad offrire in maniera celere e professionale, un servizio che punta a trovare la soluzione migliore per ogni esigenza, valutando qualsiasi aspetto tecnico ed economico.


MAST can find solutions for technical update of the systems already in use at customers’ premises.
In some cases, the update and implementation of new components on machines and systems already in use is the best solution. New components and advanced devices can be installed on machines already tested and working. Thus allowing the improvement of their efficacy, flexibility and durability.
An upgrade usually has following advantages :

  • Energy saving
  • Better performance
  • More efficacy
  • Quality improvement
  • Safety

After analyzing different aspects and customers’ needs, our thechnicians find a tailored solution that can be a benefit for everybody.

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